Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO
Onemile Halo S PRO

Onemile Halo S PRO

Regular price$1,438.00
ONEMILE continues to amaze us with this electric scooter! This EEC standard e-scooter is ROAD APPROVED and therefore allows you to move freely everywhere! As with the previous model, HALO CITY, great care has been taken in the conception of this product, the choice of materials, ergonomics and design.It is available in three colours: blue, grey or white. It is equipped with a stand, rear-view mirror, lighting and license plate holder. The sitting position provides great comfort for the user, who only has to enjoy safe journeys! The vehicle can be driven for 30 km with a charging time of 4 hours. 

Battery: 36V 7,8Ah

Battery type: Lithium battery

Motor power: 250W

Endurance Mileage:Max 30km

Tyre size: 10x2.125"

Tyre type: Air inflated tyre + inner tube

Weight: 17 kg

Braking system: Front drum brake+Rear disc brake

Suspension: Suspension in the seat stem

Maximum gradeability: Up to 25%

Lighting: LED Head light and LED rear light

Charger: 42V 1,5A

Maximum loading: 110 Kg


Folded size:102 x 33 x 42 cm

Unfold size:102 x 62 x 96 cm

Guarantee: Structure 2 years /Parts 2 years / Battery 1 year

Color: Black, White, Blue

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Excellent customer service

Range: up to 35KM

Long Distance

300w hub motor

Strong Power

Max Load 110 kg

Strong Bearing


Very practical, the HALO S is designed to be transported in car trunks, on boats, motor homes, public transport, etc… Its folded dimensions break records! (102x33x42cm).

Its weight of 17kg makes it the ideal companion for your professional or leisure trips. 


OneMile has developed a unique and convenient body structure that allows you to quickly and effortlessly turn the body on and off.

3 speed modes are available and can be selected on the elegant touch screen: mode 1 (Running), mode 2 (Normal) and mode 3 (Sport).


Thanks to its 10-inch wheels with inflatable tyres and seatpost suspension, imperfections in the traffic lanes will be reduced and your journeys will go smoothly. 

Its front drum brake system and rear disc brake system allow perfect control of trajectories. 

10 inch pneumatic tire

The tire width is 5.0cm, which is more stable and safe, and can adapt to more roads.

LCD real-time display

One-button switch between two gears, convenient and quick.

Dual Brake System

Front wheel drum brake, rear wheel ABS disc brake anti-lock brake system is suitable for various road surfaces, safe and effective.

Saddle tube shock

Compared with the traditional spring shock absorption structure, the shock absorption elasticity of the saddle tube is better.

The Size

a: saddle height: 90cm

b: footboard height: 54cm

c: front tube length: 54cm

d: body length: 165cm

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All descriptions about the range are based on Onemile laboratory test data. The test conditions are 120 catties load, 18KM/H speed, temperature 25 degrees, and the platform road is measured from full power to fully consumed at one time. The battery life is affected by various aspects, such as load, cheating habits, and speed. The battery life on the page is for basic reference only, and does not serve as any qualitative basis. It is recommended that you choose a version with a higher mileage as much as possible.

There is a power button on the handle, press and hold for 2 seconds to power on, it is very convenient.

Halo S is relatively small and light, and is generally kept at home or in the trunk of the car when not riding.